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Collections Research for Museums is offering a one- or two-week course in basic curatorial and cataloging procedures for small museums. The course is designed for those museums which have small, non-professionally trained or volunteer staffs. It covers the basics of marking, handling, measuring, and cataloging, plus general care and storage for all types of objects and materials.

The course is individualized to suit the needs of each museum. Classes are given on site at the museum and utilize the museum's own collection.


Specific areas to be covered by each class are based on a survey of the museum's collection and will include a sampling of the materials and object types present in the collection. Discussions on policy, creating forms, and proper record keeping can also be included, if desired. The length of the course will depend on the number of topics to be discussed.


The course is priced according to length and may include up to 10 people.


A list of suggested reference material, general supplies, and suppliers is provided, along with samples of cataloging worksheets for ethnographic/historical/art, geological, natural history, and photographic collections.


The advantages of this type of training are two-fold: the classes will allow the museum to begin to implement a collections management program as they learn proper procedures with students receiving hands-on training with many different types of objects, all of which will be representative examples from their own collections. Second, the classes will allow smaller museums to include more staff and/or volunteers in the learning and collections management process since a museum can enroll up to ten individuals for the same expenditure of funds.

Museums may choose from the topics listed in the full course outline to design their own course work based on their training needs.
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