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Peggy Schaller is the President of Collections Research for Museums in Denver, Colorado. She has a BA in Anthropology with minors in Art History and Geology from the University of Arizona in Tucson, a MA in Anthropology with a minor in Museum Studies from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and is a Certified Institutional Protection Manager II. She made an extensive study of the material culture of the North American Plains Indians while doing research on a collection of objects from the Ft Berthold Reservation in North Dakota. She has also studied the art and culture of the American Southwest, Central and South America, Greece, Rome, Egypt, China and Japan.


Ms. Schaller established Collections Research for Museums, a museum consulting firm that specializes in cataloging/collection management training and services, in November 1991.


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Photograph Library of the American Meteorite Laboratory

We also own and administer the Photograph Library of the American Meteorite Laboratory. The American Meteorite Laboratory, operated for over 30 years by Ms. Schaller’s parents, Glenn I and Margaret A. Huss, was the leading institution in meteorite fieldwork and identification. It was the successor institution to the American Meteorite Museum, operated by meteoritics pioneers H. H. and Addie Nininger, Ms Schaller’s grandparents. The Photograph Library contains thousands of images of meteorites collected and distributed by the Laboratory during its years of operation, as well as the Nininger Collection of photographs from the early years of meteorite research. This lifelong connection to the study of meteorites gives Ms. Schaller a unique ability to assist museums, universities and laboratories in the administration of their specimen collections.


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