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Improving Museum Collection Management One Museum at a Time

Why choose Collections Research for Museums?


We can:

  • Inventory your collection
  • Catalog items in your collection that have no documentation
  • Computerize your collection catalog
  • Train your staff and/or volunteers in cataloging and collections management procedures
  • Digitally photograph your collection
  • Expand the background documentation on objects in your collection
  • Research "Found in Collection" artifacts
  • Consolidate archival and photographic information relative to your collection



We can:

  • Inventory archaeological materials
  • Number excavated objects
  • Classify found material
  • Catalog archaeological objects

Mission Statement 

It is the mission of Collections Research for Museums to inspire museums to improve their professional standards, collections stewardship and service to their constituency through training in, and assistance with, documenting, preserving, protecting and managing their collections

Values Statement

Collections Research for Museums will hold itself and its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Collections Research for Museums values openness, honesty and integrity in all its professional relationships.

Collections Research for Museums believes in responsibility and accountability in all its professional relationships.

Collections Research for Museums respects unique viewpoints, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.

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